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Advisory Board Highlights

Charlie Connor | August 1, 2018

Earlier this year, Heretik held our first-ever Law Firm Advisory Board meeting in New York during LegalWeek. Our goal was to facilitate opportunity for unfiltered product feedback to ensure we were building the best product for the market. We were also trying to gather personal experiences and insights from our group of advisors to help influence the entire industry’s conversation around contract review. After a few hours of exciting and authentic conversations, we realized the potential of this advisory board and knew we had to keep the momentum going.

We announced we’d be hosting our first ‘Law Firm Advisory Board’ event at our brand new office at the end of July. We invited advisors, media, investors, start-ups, and developer partners to come together for two days of collaborative sessions about legal technology and the future of law firms (as well as a night out at the Wrigley Rooftops)! Once again, we were blown away with everyone’s participation and shared excitement about working together on common problems. Check out some of our favorite photos and key take-aways below!

1. Relativity is truly becoming the 'unstructured data platform.'

We continue to hear the need for a single-platform to consolidate multiple data sources like contracts, emails, documents, social media, and public records. During our ‘Law Firm Innovation’ session, we discussed several ideas of combining publicly available databases like patents, legislations, and regulations with critical company documents. Relativity’s scale with Heretik’s workflow creates a dynamic, actionable, layered analysis for the growing amounts of electronic stored information.

2. Alternative documents (to contracts) is a huge opportunity for Heretik and Relativity.

Our advisors are trying to find ways to help others with their challenges working with alternative documents like patents, outside counsel guidelines, employee handbooks, financial statements, etc. We also heard from our strategic partners about enterprises who are thinking about building their own solution to have more efficient ways to work with critical, but complicated documents.

3. The more time we spend with our users, the better we all are.

We’ve learned the best ideas come naturally when end-users and development teams get together to openly discuss experiences, challenge, and ideas. Bringing together different the perspectives allows for productive, immediate action.

4. Law firms are way more innovative than they get credit for.

During our ‘Law Firm Innovation’ session, our advisory board members and strategic partners share their new solutions, feature add-ons, and/or potential ideas. It was surprising to see how much this group is focused on evolving their firms with creative and practical innovations. 

5. Heretik has a unique opportunity to bridge relationships between law firms and solution providers.

The majority of the solution providers have been focused on the e-Discovery market. While that market still has a ton of growth ahead, these solution providers know there is more they can do outside of e-Discovery. On the other hand, law firms have specific practice experts within their firms, but due to the nature of their structural organization, they aren’t able to move as quickly as solution providers. As a common solution, Heretik is in a unique position to help facilitate strategic partnership opportunities for shared clients.

BONUS – 6. We are heading in the right direction!

During our ‘Roadmap Prioritization’ session, we worked with our advisory board on prioritizing Heretik’s next major features. The excitement around our roadmap and vision was a humbling validation that Heretik has the opportunity to bring value to law firms of all kinds.

Thank you advisors, investors, and partners for attending!

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Charlie is the CEO and co-founder of Heretik. With more than a decade of experience in technical product management roles in enterprise SaaS, Charlie believes that any challenge can be solved through the right mix of people and technology. Prior to Heretik, Charlie worked as a product leader at BookedOut (acquired by Shiftgig), Relativity, and West Corporation.

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