Relativity Fest Favorites

Claire Williams | October 10, 2018

For those outside the legal tech industry, Relativity Fest is a massive user conference organized and hosted by Relativity in Chicago (and London) every year. Those in the industry know Relativity Fest is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year. It is the perfect mix of relationship building, exploring the newest technology, and furthering your education.

For us, it’s a major annual milestone to measure our progress. Charlie Connor, Heretik Co-founder and CEO, recently said this: 

“We work hard year-round to be able to attend Relativity Fest and to showcase our progress to everyone. I couldn’t have been more excited to the community’s reaction to Heretik this year.”

This year, there was an abundance of firsts and new opportunities for Heretik. We had a cameo in the Relativity Fest Keynote Video, one of our own was featured on a panel about evolving roles in e-Discovery, and we even threw an awesome client appreciation party. We’ve set the bar high for next year, but are confident that we will continue to grow and exceed the previous Fest.

Here are some of our team’s most proud moments from Relativity Fest 2018:

“My key takeaway from the Developer Summit is that Relativity is maturing as a platform and making a huge investment improving the developer experience. The tools they are working on like their DevVM and API Floorplan will help simplify development and foster growth of new applications. This is an exciting next chapter for the platform.”

Sam Miles

Software Engineer

Sarah Podella

Director of Marketing

“Being featured in the Relativity Fest Keynote video was a cool experience all around! We got to see the script ahead of time, so we knew what the vision of the video was. However, seeing the final cut on the big screen was a such a proud moment for our team. This was my first Relativity Fest, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. The Relativity partner marketing team did an amazing job of finding mutually-beneficial media opportunities for us, while also being supportive of everything else we had planned.”

The Heretik Booth was quite a hit in the Community Pavilion. After running dozens of demos and speaking with countless Fest attendees, we were able to re-ignite existing opportunities while uncovering new ones. Another memorable experience was putting faces to the names of people I’ve only spoken to on the phone. All in all, it was a great time with plenty engagements on which to capitalize.”

Mitch Kozak

Business Development Manager

Claire Williams

Marketing Coordinator

“650 gallons of shredded paper, 1,500 contracts and several colorful pool floaties later, we had our #DiveIntoYourData Experience Room that was both fun and informative. The room was an excellent opportunity to promote Heretik on social media. We gained new followers, experienced interactions on our posts, and facilitated engaging conversations with current clients and others at Relativity Fest. It was also an awesome way to get to meet so many Fest attendees. If you took photos in the room, you can check them out here!

Jannie Chang

Data Scientist

“I am overwhelmed by the positive feedback I received after I spoke on the ‘Women in e-Discovery: Lit Support’ panel. I am both grateful  to have had a conversation with the accomplished women on the panel and heartened by our diversity. Representing Heretik and being able to have a discussion about a topic that I am so passionate about was truly rewarding. I am also glad Relativity recognized me on their social media!”

“Hosting our VIP Client Appreciation Party at our office was a moment where I could really feel Heretik growing up.  It was so exciting to be co-hosting with our partners and our shared clients at our office during Fest. The highlight of the event was how everyone had such appreciation to our level of detail we put into the event, the menu, and the specialty drinks made. It was perfect on every level.”

Charlie Connor

CEO & Co-founder

Rishi Khullar

Director of Product Management

Whenever you throw a party and invite a lot of people, it’s always scary because you look and feel super lame if no one shows up. I breathed a sigh of relief, followed by a slowly dropping jaw as I saw how many people rolled into Joy District for our Client Appreciation Party. It was packed! It was Relativity Fest week and to see the CEO of Relativity, Andrew Sieja, having a blast at our party was humbling & epic.

 A major highlight for me was connecting face-to-face with our clients for quality hang out time. Obsessing over how well we understand our clients’ problems and their businesses is such a huge part of who we are at Heretik. Taking a moment to step back and just have fun with our clients, get to know them better, and realize what great people they are inspires me to work 10x harder to make them successful with our software.”

“We were able to gather feedback, deepen relationships, plan for expansion, and meet new contacts. My favorite moments were listening to our clients share their excitement about Heretik with their colleagues.”

Joe Hirasawa


Adam Knight

Client Operations Manager

“Relativity Fest was an amazing opportunity to advance our client relationships by providing us a platform to bond. We stepped out from behind logos and formal meetings to put faces to names. It really enhanced our relationships by giving us the opportunity to enjoy time together. Clients from all over the globe that were just a voice over the phone or an email signature are now a friendly face with shared experiences.”

“The Relativity Fest networking event is always a great way to unwind after a long couple of days and this years didn’t disappoint.  As usual, the food, music, and especially the venue were amazing!  It provided a perfect environment for networking with our clients and peers in town.”

Andy Abbott

CTO & Co-founder

Our success at Relativity Fest this year is only the beginning. Here’s to many more transformative and exciting Fests to come!



Claire is a Marketing Coordinator at Heretik. She recently graduated from Miami University Ohio with a double major in Journalism and Mandarin Chinese. Prior to Heretik, Claire worked at Amdur Productions and for Miami College of Arts and Science.​

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