Meet Chris Tkach | Senior
Customer Success Manager

Chris Tkach | January 25, 2019


I went to law school in Chicago and tried to be a real lawyer (for all of one year) at a medium-sized insurance defense firm. It was a great experience that made me realize practicing law was not for me.

I then migrated to a company called Axiom in the contract review space and went from reviewer to Senior Project Manager. I managed large scale M&A projects and helped develop the contract review methodology there.

After almost a decade at Axiom, I joined Major Lindsey & Africa as Director of Analytics. At the time, they were just getting into the contract review space, so I was responsible for working closely with their technology partner in order to streamline contract review.


I was first introduced to the Heretik team and software during my time at Axiom. I kept a close eye on them, as I was impressed by their world-class product offering and was also intrigued by their team. People who are just excited as I am to geek out about contract review technology are my kind of people.

Just over a year later, the stars aligned and Heretik and I found each other again. I am excited to announce my new position as the Senior Customer Success Manager at Heretik. In my new role, I am most looking forward to working closely with our clients to illustrate how Heretik can solve their contract review problems – especially to initial skeptics.



Chris is a Senior Client Success Manager at Heretik. Prior to Heretik, he worked briefly as an attorney, and went on to lead large-scale M&A projects and develop contract review technology at companies like Axiom and Major Lindsey & Africa.

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