Relativity Fest 2019 Highlights

Claire Williams | October 30, 2019

Another Relativity Fest has come and gone! While last year was hard to top (feels like it was only yesterday we were ‘diving into our data’), this year was certainly one for the books. Check out some of our favorite highlights from Fest this year below!

Launching our new website

Before Relativity Fest 2019, a major goal of ours was to update our website. Some of the most noted additions include:

  1. A comprehensive list of our features
  2. A deeper dive into Heretik Viewer, Heretik Analysis, Heretik Compare
  3. Client success stories like Clayton Utz, Bricker & Eckler, TransPerfect, Gravity Stack, and more
  4. New regulatory response, corporate transactions, and contract data management use cases

Our Relativity Fest sessions

For those that have never tackled a contract review project, just getting started can seem like an overwhelming task. This year, our Director of Product Management Rishi Khullar moderated a Relativity Fest panel on ‘A Bite-Sized Approach to More Use Cases’. We asked some of our most successful clients to share their experiences taking Relativity beyond eDiscovery. Our panel featured Anthony Moeller of PwC, Bryon Bratcher of Gravity Stack, Brad Janssen of CDS, Mary Lou Bautista Cebula of Ricoh Canada, and Jessica Gomez of NSerio.

The panelists discussed a range of topics, including the differences (and similarities) between contract review and eDiscovery, how they got started, types of contract review projects they’re attacking, industry predictions, and more. We had a lot of fun creating a campaign around the famous Desmond Tutu quote that says ‘there is only one way to eat an elephant – one bite at a time’ because that philosophy applies perfectly to contract review. Building a foundation by solving the smaller contract review projects then allows you to put together scalable workflow to tackle the bigger ones. We actually gave everyone their first bite of ‘elephant’ (sugar cookie) for attending the session!

The fun didn’t stop there though! We were fortunate enough to have Senior Software Engineer Sam Miles lead a workshop on building automated testing frameworks in Relativity applications and our CEO Charlie Connor present at the Global Partner Summit on ‘Opportunities in Market Adjacencies.’

Our annual 'Client Appreciation Party'

We brought the jungle (elephants and all) to Chicago to promote our Relativity Fest session and to enjoy a night of celebrating our clients on Monday night. Our partners (and panelists) at Ricoh Canada, Gravity Stack, and NSerio helped sponsor the fun. We had over 15 elephants at the party and even brought out a massive elephant cake to give everyone their ‘first bite’ and invite them to our session following day! Check out the highlights from the party below.

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The Relativity Innovation Awards

Heretik was lucky enough to have two of our partners, Gravity Stack and Clayton Utz, as nominees for the Relativity Fest Innovation awards. Gravity Stack’s solution Pipeline is being used by some of the largest financial institutions in the world to tackle the $350 trillion LIBOR issue. We recently published a Powerful Partnership video featuring Sharri Wilner that showcases their solution and how Heretik works within it. Check it out here!

The award show ended on a high note with Clayton Utz winning the Best Innovation Community Choice award (the send year in a row) for their real estate solution AcquiRE. Learn more about how Heretik works within their solution here!



Claire is a Marketing Coordinator at Heretik. She recently graduated from Miami University Ohio with a double major in Journalism and Mandarin Chinese. Prior to Heretik, Claire worked at Amdur Productions and for Miami University College of Arts and Science.​