Kobe Release

Rishi Khullar | March 4, 2020

Did you know we name all of our releases after famous heretics in history? We named this release in honor of the late, great Kobe Bryant. Kobe’s life accomplishments will remembered and celebrated for generations to come. His basketball career speaks for itself. Off the court, Kobe was always pushing the envelope on what it meant to be a retired professional athlete. In addition to one of the best basketball players of all time, Kobe will be remembered as a successful businessman, investor, entertainer, philanthropist, youth basketball coach, husband, and father to four beautiful daughters.

Searching in the Heretik Image Viewer

We were excited to launch the new Heretik Image Viewer in our Joule Release. In this next release, you are now able to run searches on images and navigate results, even if it’s a scanned PDF. The best part is you still get all of the search capabilities you know and love from the Heretik Text Viewer, including regular expression search and saving. 

Revamped Heretik OCR

We’re continuing to heavily invest on hardening our Heretik OCR to making it more performant. It is now roughly 2 times faster and supports additional image types such as multi-page TIFFs.

Segment Regular Expression Matches

We’ve added a new option to our Regular Expression Segmentation that now allows you to use your own custom regular expression to segment only the matching hits and create new Relativity documents on the fly. This is especially useful for Heretik Compare use cases where you are interested only in specific language that you’d like to compare across all documents. You can still of course also segment before the match, after the match, or except the match. 

Other Enhancements

  • Analysis Performance Improvement – We’ve drastically reduced the time it takes from the moment you click ‘Analyze’ to the moment that documents start processing (from around 2-3 minutes to around 1-2 seconds).


  • Analysis Performance Improvement – We’ve added performance instrumentation to Telemetry for Heretik Analysis so we can better spot bottlenecks or sub-optimal infrastructure.


  • Search Performance Improvement – We’ve improved the performance of the Heretik Viewer when you run a search that has hundreds or thousands of hits.


  • Segmentation Accuracy Improvement – We’ve added second-pass analysis rules that automatically run after our machine learning models to improve the results of both Segmentation and Section Classification.


  • Relativity File Types Supported – We no longer exclude documents from Heretik Analysis if the Relativity Native File Type field is empty, but if it is populated, we’ll still respect your Supported File Type selections.


  • Revamped Full Document Comparison – In Heretik Compare, we’ve enhanced the user experience of mapping sections when comparing full contracts that have been segmented.



Rishi is the Director of Product at Heretik. Prior to Heretik, he worked as a product manager at Relativity. Rishi began his career as a lawyer and worked as a judicial clerk for the Virgin Islands.