Tips & Clicks: Heretik Viewer

When building Heretik, we wanted our users to speed up the amount of time it took to review a contract or document with more versatile mouse clicks. But what you might not realize is just how much you can do with a right-click in Heretik. 

Claire Williams | May 27, 2020

Claire Williams // April 13, 2020

Built integrated into Relativity, Heretik’s Viewer provides a familiar document review experience with customization to help you create the most efficient workflow for your specific contract review projects. Our Viewer was designed with the user in mind; what we wanted was to create a lightning-fast interface, tailor-made for quickly locating, extracting, and storing critical data points from all types of contracts and documents.

When building Heretik, we wanted to make sure that our users could do most of their work in one place, without having to scroll or jump between pages. We wanted our users to speed up the amount of time it took to review a contract or document with more versatile mouse clicks. But what you might not realize is just how much you can do with a right-click in Heretik. It’s not just sending information to fields that make right clicks so powerful. You’ve got a list of directives that can be used for various situations that also help Heretik’s machine learning analyze your documents the way you want for future projects. So while we’ve talked about our Viewer in other blog posts and videos, today we wanted to share some of our favorite tips and CLICKS (see what I did there?) for faster review, a smarter workflow, and ultimately better results.

The all-mighty right-click

In just one right-click, you have an entire list of options available to you. Spanning from:

  • Section creation and editing
  • Document navigation by setting up links to different sections, jumping between text and the original image, as well as actually searching a term throughout the document
  • Collaboration: which includes leaving comments for your team to view and flagging important information with bookmarks
  • Customizable and clickable highlighting
  • And more!

You can do a majority of your contract review right within the Viewer, as well as constantly adding to what Analysis has already pulled from your data.

Save and next

Just like in Relativity, when you finish reviewing a document and are ready to move on to the next one, instead of just hitting the orange ‘save’ button, you click the arrow next to it. This not only saves the data you’ve extracted, but also moves on to the next document. Make sure you ask your system administrator to enable this feature if it’s not already!

Controlling highlights

In Heretik’s data points column on the left-hand side of the Viewer, you’re able to click on any of the highlight dots next to a data point to turn on or off the highlight for that particular result. This is extremely useful for dense contract clauses that have a lot of data points. If you right-click on any of the dots you can edit the colors of the highlights which is a great option if you need to add more contrast between results or emphasize a certain data point.

Editing and managing layouts

Within Heretik’s Viewer, you can click to easily edit existing Relativity Layouts as well as add new choice options to existing fields (for those with the right permission). Having the ability to add choices or edit layouts within the Heretik Viewer provides your team the flexibility to adjust projects in real time (in tandem with the review) without wasting additional time or resources.

Pop-out your list view

Unlike eDiscovery, contract review is non-linear and often requires reviewers to jump between documents depending on what they’re searching for or discovering within the contracts. Having a list view that pops out of the Heretik Viewer allows users to quickly navigate documents in any order at any time.

The ease of having versatile clicks to help speed up and maximize your contract review workflow can not only save you time, but help you really understand what is in your data.  Knowing exactly how to utilize these clicks more effectively will not only make the user’s life more easy, it will also provide a way to help enhance that end-to-end workflow so that reviewers are able to have a seamless and even enjoyable review experience. We hope that these tips and clicks help you to explore your documents more thoroughly in Heretik. So click away!

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Claire is a Marketing Coordinator at Heretik. She recently graduated from Miami University Ohio with a double major in Journalism and Mandarin Chinese. Prior to Heretik, Claire worked at Amdur Productions and for Miami University College of Arts and Science.​