Quetelet Release

Did you know we name all of our software releases after famous heretics in history? We named this release after Adolphe Quetelet. Quetelet was a Belgian astronomer, mathematician, and sociologist who founded and directed the Brussels Observatory and was influential in introducing statistical methods to the social sciences. He also founded the science of anthropometry and developed the body mass index (BMI) scale, originally called the Quetelet Index.

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Rishi Khullar // March 24, 2022

Zuva Integration with Heretik

We’re excited to announce that Heretik has partnered with Zuva! Zuva’s DocAI, powered by the industry-leading machine learning technology developed over the past 10+ years at Kira Systems, is now fully available to Heretik customers with just a few clicks.

You can now run any of the 1200+ pre-trained smart fields from Zuva directly within Heretik and enjoy all of the benefits you’re used to within the Heretik Viewer. With very little configuration, you simply choose from a menu of Zuva smart fields and they’ll show up magically in the models tab of Heretik for you to run on your data set. You don’t even have to create the Relativity fields that Zuva will auto-populate, Heretik will auto-generate them for you on the fly!

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Heretik Compare Enhancements

  • On the scores page, we now auto-sort the left pane of base documents to select by control number descending.
  • On the right pane of documents from the scores page, you can now click the control number field to sort the column by control number ascending or descending.
  • When you click “Compare Documents”, we’ll respect the control number sort order from the previous scores page.
  • Whenever you open Heretik Compare, we’ll persist your last sort order on control number from the right pane of documents on the scores page.

Heretik Viewer Enhancements

Regular Expression Previews

  • When previewing regular expressions on other documents, we’ve removed the sample size limit of documents in your saved search.

Data Points Pane

  • You can now navigate to data points that are toggled off.

Object Coding Mode

  • You can now code an object even if no documents are linked to it.
  • We no longer default to the list of objects toggled on in the left pane.
  • You can now link data points to fields.

Text Viewer

  • When sending to field in the text viewer, we’ve added the ability to edit the text before placing it in your field, similar to the modal in the image viewer.

Inline Lists

  • We’ve separated the link and unlink buttons to to make adding and removing objects to your list much more intuitive.
  • We now dynamically size the list area to the number of items you have showing in the list which results in less wasted space.
  • We’ve increase the default of 10 items per page to 50 items per page so you can view more data at once.

Viewer Document Queue

  • We now include non-Heretik-enabled documents in the document queue numbers to remove confusion.


  • We now use a browser window instead of modal for coding an object in a pop up. This helps if you need to see the document in order to select your object.
  • We’ve improved the read-only design of fields to make the values more readable.

Heretik Analysis Enhancements

Regular Expression Models

  • Generate Report Action
    • When you delete an analysis set with a regular expression model that is generating a report, we’ll auto-delete any objects & fields that Heretik auto-generated to keep your workspace clean.
    • When you re-run a regular expression model that is generating a report, we’ll replace the field values instead of appending them.
    • When you run a regular expression model that is generating a report, we’ll now populate section documents with all reporting fields in addition to the main agreement.
  • Populate Existing Field Action
    • When creating a regular expression model to populate an existing field, we have a new option to store all values found on a document as a delimited list in a long text field.
    • When creating a regular expression model to populate an existing choice field, we’ve removed the sample size limit in the first step of mapping. We’ve also added the ability to manage choices in the mapping interface.

Document Assembly

  • When creating a document assembly model, we’ve added the ability to select fields that you’d like to inherit the values from the original document.
  • When mapping tokens to fields, we’ve added the ability to re- use previously saved mappings by selecting an existing document assembly model.

Custom Connectors

  • We’ve added the ability to map response properties to fields on the document object, not just custom objects.
  • We’ve added the ability to add custom authentication headers to all requests in order to support authentication requirements of third party services.

Heretik OCR

  • We now enable the Heretik Viewer when you run documents through Heretik OCR so you’ll no longer need to run Heretik Analysis to enable our viewer.

Want to see some of these features in action or ready to get started with Heretik? Click below to get in touch with our team. 


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Rishi is the Director of Product at Heretik. Prior to Heretik, he worked as a product manager at Relativity. Rishi began his career as a lawyer and worked as a judicial clerk for the Virgin Islands.