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The good news is more and more enterprises are spending time and money to build out a true Legal Operations team to support their growth, scale their services, and be compliant with their global presence. Legal departments are building out multi-disciplinary functions within its department that allow for a truly optimized services delivery to all aspects of the business. Ready for the bad news? Poor contract organization habits and past mistakes are inescapable. Legal Operations teams are now being seen as a resource for other departments like, sales, finance, and HR, to go through the piles of neglected agreements and data to ensure they are current and defensible.

According to a Microsoft research report, legal practitioners spend 90% of their day in Outlook and Word. Instead of these critical resources focusing on meaningful, strategic work, they are manually reviewing Service Agreements for renewal dates and vendor agreements for SLAs. It’s seemingly impossible for anyone to get ahead of what’s in front of them if they’re spending so much time unwinding what has already happened.

Types of Contract Data Management:

  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Vendor Assurance
  • Solution Integrations
  • Contract Digitization
  • CLM Migrations
  • Force Majeure Analysis
  • Insurance Policies

With Heretik, all teams within an organization are empowered by having the critical data that they need to know and act on.

Heretik helps your organization create actionable, structured contract data that aligns business expectations and opportunities. Both teams and individuals are freed up from endless searching, sorting, and gathering of these legal documents and can instead focus on the strategic work they were hired for.

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Regulation Spotlight:
Solution Integrations

Impacted groups:

Corporate Counsel

Today’s organizations face complex, multifactorial problems that are a combination of legal dimensions, geography dimensions, and technology dimensions

Outside Counsel

The only scalable way to keep up with the ever-evolving legal and regulatory regulations is to have the best people and technology working together

Potential use cases:

Assignment Rights

You don’t just want to know what the assignment clause is or where it is located, you need to know can the client assign? Is consent required? Are there exemptions to consent?

Contract Version Control

Over the years, contract templates and renewals can cause multiple versions to be created across different platforms, without any single solution to consolidate all versions for review and interpretation

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Powerful Partnership: Clayton Utz

Learn how Clayton Utz has developed workflows for their contract analysis using Heretik that helps their lawyers review contract clauses more efficiently, saving them time and money.

Heretik solutions:

Heretik was built with the Relativity API framework specifically so you can continue to administer review projects as you normally do in Relativity with fields, choices, layouts, and granular security permissions

Heretik’s machine learning models classify contracts and relate associated ancillary documents

Heretik’s classification, segmentation, and analysis workflow functionality isolates key clauses within a legal agreements and all associated agreements

Heretik finds patterns across contracts and legal records through the use of regular expressions to auto populate certain information such as dates, parties, square footage, premises description and many others

"With Heretik, we have developed client solutions that improve efficiency in due diligence activities. Their deep integration with Relativity allows us to deploy their app as part of a wider solution. We didn’t acquire new tools to do this type of work. We applied our skillsets to code existing tools and formed partnerships to do this. After four weeks of coding and scripting to get this right, we were ready to submit our proposal.”

Deepak Pillai, Forensic and Technology Services @ Clayton Utz

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