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The deal is done, toasts and congratulations have been given, but now what?

Corporate transactions take months (or years) of hard work out maneuvering the competition and PE firms while also obtaining government approval. Anyone who has been through one remembers the long nights of intense negotiations to ensure that all risks, obligations, and opportunities are identified, neglected, and managed before the deal is done.

However, once the deal is done is when the real hard work actually begins – ensuring the ROI of a recently acquired company, divested product line, new clients, new assets, or new properties that are being brought into a company’s processes and culture.

Deloitte, in their State of the Deal, M&A Trends 2019 report, cites 40% of respondents saying half of their deals over the past two years have failed to achieve ROI objectives. About a third said gaps in integration execution during the acquisition led to the weak value and ROI.

Types of Corporate Transactions:

  • Lease Review and Abstraction
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Contract Investigation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Due Diligence
  • Divestitures
  • Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Quickly understand what risks, obligations, and opportunities are in the contract data.

Our solution empowers teams to prioritize, provide or understand context, and then scale large review projects in an actionable way. Combining structured and semi-structured data is an art form that can provide immense value when aligned with a singular goal that ties it all together. Heretik helps ensure the organizations are aligned on deal expectations, requirements, and execution at a department level. 

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Transaction Spotlight:
Lease Review and Abstraction

Impacted groups:


Global banks provide global loans to other banks and property managers to help them with large property investments.

Property Managers

Large scale property managers are in charge of multiple tenants and properties, so every detail and term has a huge impact on their business.

Potential use cases:

Commercial Real Estate Development

ABC (purchaser) is buying all the shopping center properties owned by real estate company XYZ (seller). They need to review the leases that XYZ has signed with all of its tenants to determine what restrictions are in place and will have to be assumed by ABC when the deal closes.

Commercial Mortgage
Loan Transaction

Lender makes a loan to real estate company ABC that is secured by ten shopping centers it owns. In the event of a default on the loan, the lender needs to be able to assume all rights and liabilities of the landlord. 

Residential Mortgage Acquirer

Banks use algorithms to determine what package of mortgages they want to acquire that will generate profit for them. They need to review these mortgages to identify information like durations, fixed or adjustable rates, rate amounts, whether the mortgage has signatures, etc. before they can acquire these mortgages.

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Powerful Partnership: Bricker & Eckler

Watch how Bricker & Eckler is tackling oil and gas lease review and abstraction projects using Heretik Analysis

Heretik solutions:

Heretik’s machine learning models help identify all lease agreements and related legal documents that can then be unitized to ensure all relevant context is available in a single easy to view interface.

Heretik’s segmentation analysis and workflow functionality allows for key sections of leases to be identified and easily compared amongst the rest of the leases to understand the variances of each critical section.

Heretik’s keyword search, term highlights, and regular expression analysis allows for every key term and data point to be identified and with a single click a reviewer can be taken to where in the lease that key term was identified to ensure the full context is available for a proper interpretation.

"I have used a couple different softwares that are meant to do lease and contract comparisons and none of them have the option to include redlines in your exported comparison, your final product. For our attorneys to have that visual, for them to be able to look at a side-by-side and immediately go to the difference in those two contracts makes them more efficient. It makes my job more efficient because I don't have to go in and manually do that. It's also a benefit to our client because we can work faster to get the same great results."

Lauren Curto, Senior Litigation Support Specialist @ Bricker & Eckler

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