Employment benefits

Maintaining compliance throughout employment agreements.

Over time, every enterprise will have active employees with vastly different employment agreements. Every year, human resources departments audit their employment agreements to ensure everyone is receiving the benefits they are entitled. This annual audit is not only done to ensure a happy workforce, but is also a preventive measure in case of a Department of Labor (DOL) audit investigation. The DOL can conduct surprise visits and needs to provide only two days’ notice before coming onsite to review company records. The investigators will interview about 20 percent of the workforce, including the executive team and individuals from each department. They will also look into numerous typical trouble spots including:

  • Wage and hour recordkeeping;
  • Ensuring employees were not working “off the clock;”
  • Overtime compliance;
  • Child labor compliance;
  • Proper classification of exempt employees;
  • All employees taking required meal and break periods;
  • Independent contractor status verification; and
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) compliance.

Here is a quick example of how Heretik could be used to
quickly compare changes in employment agreements.

For an enterprise with over 9,000 employees, reviewing employment agreements is no easy task, but is even more difficult when your leadership team has a plan to update everyone’s benefits section to a new 2018  package. The human resources team has been provided the updated benefits text and now needs a list of all of the employment agreements that will require the update, while ensuring they are maintaining compliance with the standards set by the DOL. 

Before Heretik, the human resources team would have to manually open each employment agreement, find each benefits section, and manually compare the text in the agreement to what was provided by the DOL. In this case, they now must also compare each section to the newly proposed benefits package. On average, the audit process takes 40-60 minutes per agreement, but the newly requested analysis almost doubles the review time to nearly two hours per agreement.

Heretik’s powerful analysis and section-level database features reduces what took days of manual review to only hours, resulting in a structured and organized set of the agreements by employee type, benefits package, and key benefit terms.

Heretik’s Compare and Heretik Viewer simplify the process of extracting out all relevant information such as ‘proper classification of exempt employees’, ‘paid time off’, and ‘overtime compliance’ to allow for a streamlined analysis process and an efficient comparison existing employee benefits package to the newly proposed benefits package.

Heretik’s configurable reporting saves human resources teams from of hours building one-off reports and instead, gives them multiple ways to share the appropriate data with key executives and department heads.