Mergers & acquisitions

Due diligence contract review.

Be the first to show your customers what deal making can look like with an efficient, effective, and modern due diligence process designed for today’s digital world. During the M&A process, teams on the buy-side and the sell-side face inherently different challenges when it comes to strategic transactions. The tie that binds is that neither side wants to be negatively surprised.

The sell-side is compelled to see the transaction through as quickly as possible, while still finding the right buyer and desired price. Even the preparation of the deal itself can be like trying to sell a home that has been lived in for 30 years. Once ready to invite buyers – one of the worst scenarios sellers can find themselves in is explaining unidentified issues that prospective buyers find in the seller’s client agreements.  Whether the negative consequences from these surprises surface as a most favored nation clause, or in post-closure adjustments through change of control – they cause significant loss of time and money.

The buy-side wants to evaluate the transaction as thoroughly and from as many angles as possible.  It is often impossible to completely review every portion of documentation deemed critical for the deal. Risks, obligations, and potential opportunities are too often overlooked or not found until after the ink is dry. These realities of today’s deal making are likely partially responsible for the greater than 70% failure rate of M&A in North America.

Heretik was founded based upon the realization that through cutting-edge technology and total commitment to seamless workflow – the deal making experience can be significantly improved.

Our founding team lived through this experience, which gave us the
inspiration and passion to build Heretik from the ground up.

With Heretik’s powerful Analysis and section-level database, your company can confidently represent both buyers and sellers to achieve 50% time savings in organizing the contracts, identification of key sections and clauses relevant to deal evaluation. 

Heretik provides much more than just speed, with our flexible project structure and integrations there is minimal disruption to existing workflows, and integration with industry leading Virtual Data Rooms and Relativity.

Lastly, given that Heretik is built on Relativity, the leader in document review, your team is not only given a single solution for due diligence, but a platform that has proven security and scalability, allowing your team to manage post-merger integrations, support ongoing dynamic contract management for second requests, regulation, or even another deal in the not so distant future.