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Our proprietary Heretik Viewer was built with the contract reviewer in mind. Click to learn more about its features and functionalities.


Our comprehensive Analysis models helps teams turn insight into action. Click to learn more about our different analysis types.


Compare allows users to quickly identify textual differences across sections or entire documents within your data set. Click to learn more about its features and functionalities.

Bookmarks and Linking

A list of all the self-reference data points found in a document, allowing reviewers to be able to navigate the contract in a more efficient workflow. Users can create their own bookmark or links from the found self-references in the ‘Data Points’ panel, or run a Heretik Analysis model to automatically create navigation links to the sections being referenced in the contract.


Identifies document types, number of sections, and names of each section.This information is given a confidence score and displayed in an interactive Relativity dashboard to allows teams to get into the data within hours.


A side-by-side comparison of contracts and/or sections that identifies and tracks differences between documents. Easily copy and paste sections for quick comparisons and export to Word, Excel, or Relativity saved search.

Compare Export to Saved Search

We’ve built an export option to our already robust suite of export tools for Heretik Compare. This allows users to generate a saved search on the fly consisting of your base and target documents along with information on their similarity scores.

Contextual Hover

Hover over highlights in the contract to get contextual pop-ups with more information.

Document Assembly

Creates a new document or contract with standard fields that need to be updated. Ability to repaper existing contracts with new fields, terms, clauses, etc and sends finalized contracts for signatures.

Docusign ID Extraction

This new Extraction Analysis option will now allow you to easily extract Docusign IDs

Dual Screen Coding Power

Toggle on a more detailed list view of contracts and pop it out to a new browser tab. Give reviewers the command center they deserve to navigate their contract queue.

Event Handlers

The Heretik Viewer supports pre-load, pre-save, and post-save event handlers to enforce rules for high quality data (requires Relativity version 9.5.411.4 or above).

FIPS Compliance

Heretik is fully FIPS compliant (Federal Information Processing Standard), meaning all Heretik functionality will work as expected if you’ve enabled FIPS in a Relativity environment.

Heretik Forge

Create own customized machine learning analysis models based on use cases, contract types, languages, etc. that can be applied to future projects.

Heretik OCR

We’ve developed our own OCR engine that runs during Heretik Analysis. Now that we control more of the end-to-end process around structuring contract data, we position ourselves to attack common OCR headaches like double columns, tables, and general readability.

Heretik Viewer

Our modern interface was built with the reviewer in mind. Quickly navigate and edit documents or sections while visualizing results.

Highlights Mini-Map

A color-coded mini-map to visually indicate important data and it’s location using the Heretik Viewer. Click on the Highlight Mini-map to quickly navigate to search results, manually coded data, or data automatically found across the entire document.

Image Auto-rotation

During the Heretik OCR process, automatically detect any landscape pages, rotate their orientation to portrait, and then re-OCR them.

Image Viewer

We’ve improved the native PDF experience for document review through Heretik’s own OCR engine, allowing reviewers to navigate sections, data points, and send-to-field highlights on the PDF image.

Inline Comments and Tags

Users can create inline comments and add relevant tags for supplemental context within the Heretik Viewer. Easily spot and expand comments by clicking highlighted text, or use the highlights mini-map to quickly navigate to their location.

Persistent Highlights

Support for displaying ‘Persistent Highlight Sets’ in the Heretik Viewer in the ‘Other Data Found’ section. Create new or use existing ‘Persistent Highlight Sets’ to easily navigate to their location in your document.

Quick Search

Select text and hit ‘CTRL-F’ to automatically run a smart keyword search across the contract for all instances of that word or phrase.

Regular Expressions

Look for patterns in contracts in order to auto-populate certain fields and drastically reduce manual review time. These are totally customizable to needs or specific projects.

Regular Expression Previews

When crafting regular expressions in Heretik, see results on the document in real time on up to 100 documents at a time, providing you with even more confidence in your data points and extraction models.

Regular Expression Segmenting

We are committed to giving you a flexible set of tools to craft tailored solutions to complex problems that may be unique to the project at hand. To that end, users can can segment documents into parts based on your own custom regular expressions.

Reporting Dashboard

Customize and export dashboard views for smarter, faster, and more favorable decisions

Reviewer Coding Guidance

Further extract value from regular expressions by linking them to fields so that reviewers can see a list of coding suggestions they can click to populate fields. Minimize risk and complexity in reviewer decisions by pointing them to areas in contracts likely to provide answers they need.

Section Edit Mode

When creating new sections, Heretik auto-defaults the section type based on signals in the section heading.


Identifies names of document sections and creates a Relativity document for each section. This information is given a confidence score to help teams easily batch out specific sections for review

Send to Field

Select text within a document, and then right-click send to field for single-choice, multi-choice, and yes/no field type that give others context behind why choices were selected.

Single and Multiple Object Support

Heretik supports coding single and multiple object field types on Relativity layouts in the Heretik Viewer.

Smart Grouping

Group related documents, such as amendments or addendums, to Master Agreements and review them in one unified experience


Auto-group families of documents with one another based on shared field values.

View in Relativity

As users navigate contracts using the Heretik Viewer, they can quickly and easily switch to view in Relativity.

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