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Before we wrote our first line of code at Heretik, we spent months speaking to end users across different industries to better understand the current pain points related to existing workflows for contract review. The insights we gained during this time spent with clients, asking questions, listening, and watching has shaped the DNA of our company and product. In every client interview, we noticed a common thread of feedback:

“I know the 3-5 most critical areas of risk that could kill this deal/project, but I need to know the variance among these areas across all agreements. In a perfect world, we could also compare these key areas of the contracts against our own templates.”

Quickly identify textual differences across sections or entire documents

What these users needed was a simple way to compare NOT the full agreement, but certain key portions across all agreements. Once they understand these variances across all agreements, they can start acting on the data to remove risk and capture opportunities the deal or project represents.

Heretik Compare allows users to quickly identify textual differences across sections or entire documents within your data set. Even if your document is not in Relativity, you can simply cut and paste your exemplar and compare other documents against this base document.

You can export the analysis results as Excel or Word files that retain differences as highlights (Excel) or Tracked Changes (Word).  If further review or analysis is needed simply export the analysis results into a Relativity Saved Search with all the key data points based upon the analysis. The saved search will also include any documents that were cut and pasted into the comparison analysis interface creating a new Relativity Document.

Heretik Compare is comprised of the following functionality:

  • Relativity Integration
  • Full Document Compare
  • Section-Level Compare
  • Long Text Field Compare
  • Preview
  • Create a Base Document
  • Similarity Scores
  • Analysis Interface
  • Mini-Map
  • Analysis Results
  • Analysis Reports

Relativity Integration

Mass Action in Relativity which respects configurations you have set up for user/group permissions and access.

Full Document Compare

When comparing a full contact that has been segmented by Heretik you can map sections to align if they have changed in order over versions or drafts.

Section-Level Compare

Compare sections like “change of control” across a database of agreements.

Long Text Field Compare

Importing documents from a CLM or VDR? Now you can compare these long text Fields in Heretik Compare.


Select and preview a document before selecting it as the base for comparison.

Create a Base Document

Simply cut and paste a base document into Heretik Compare without needing to process a new document into Relativity.

Similarity Scores

Heretik generates similarity scores for all of your target documents in real time.

Analysis Interface

Intuitive side-by-side comparison interface that makes crystal clear what is different between the two bodies of text.


Snapshot overview of all differences with the ability to click-to-navigate to any difference on the target document.

Analysis Results

Export analysis results with all relevant metadata, similarity scores, exemplar documents, and highlights or Tracked Changes.

Analysis Reports

Export the following file types and formats:

  • Excel Spreadsheet – Add your logo and add any field from the workspace to be shown in the report
  • Word files – Differences are depicted as Tracked Changes to allow for easy analysis and action
  • Relativity Saved Search – Export all analyzed documents with similarity scores saved in the notes

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