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Leverage key components of Heretik's best-in-class contract review solution to compliment your Relativity workflow and accelerate your eDiscovery projects.

Get the best of both worlds using Heretik eDiscovery with Relativity

Speed to review

The sooner your team can begin analyzing documents, the sooner your expert problem solvers can add their contributions. No more waiting for third-party teams to manually review incomplete documents produced by the other side. Start reviewing documents and necessary metadata without needing to send them to third parties for data extraction or bibliographic coding.

Complete data security

Maintain complete data security by no longer sending sensitive client information outside of your organization’s Relativity instance. Heretik’s solution is deeply integrated into Relativity’s platform, allowing you to maintain all of your current security policies, protocols and workflows that you’ve perfected over the past decade.

Heretik’s powerful analysis, sleek interface, and reviewer toolkit is unlike anything else in the contract review market. Bringing Heretik’s core functionality to eDiscovery workflows in RelativityOne is an exciting opportunity to further streamline reviews and explore more efficient workflows.

Drew Deitch

Director, Developer Experience & Strategic Partnerships @ Relativity

Our clients have seen an average of 80% efficiency increase in their review workflows

Heretik Analysis

Automated Data Extraction and Relativity Field Population

Heretik’s eDiscovery Analysis allows you to quickly find missing metadata, such as ‘date sent’, and send them directly to the Relativity Field of your choice, allowing you to significantly automate your bibliographic and objective coding workflows within Relativity.

Document Key Terms Count and Results Dashboard

Heretik’s eDiscovery Reporting also allows you the option to understand the number of times a key term or phrase is found within each document and the actual values found within each document, allowing you to quickly understand what documents need to have a prioritized review or based on content within the complete document set instead of a sample set of documents.

Heretik Compare

Heretik Compare allows you to quickly identify textual differences across documents, and now Relativity Long Text Fields, within your data set. Even if your document or text string is not in Relativity, you can simply cut and paste your exemplar into Heretik and compare the existing data set other documents against the desired exemplar or principal. At any point you can export the analysis results as Excel or Word files that retain differences as highlights (Excel) or Tracked Changes (Word). If further review or analysis is needed, simply export the analysis results into a Relativity Saved Search with all the key data points based upon the analysis.

Efficient Bibliographic and Objective Coding

Reduce the amount of time spent objectively coding documents by using Heretik’s fast and user-friendly viewer, with features such as send-to-field, advanced search and sub-second doc-to-doc navigation. As soon documents are coded they can be put into the next phase of review by a more senior team member.

Accelerated QC Workflows

Even with the assistance of a third-party team to help with your bibliographic and objective coding, you’ll still need to have your team conduct quality control on the results before sending it to attorneys for analysis. Heretik’s clients are seeing an average of 80% efficiency gains on their very first projects using a combination of the following features:

  • Click to Navigate on data points, sections, or field coding suggestions.
  • Relativity Field Mapping to Heretik Extraction Analysis results
  • Inline Comments within a document
  • Bookmarks and Links within and across documents
  • Multiple options for document-level searching
  • Heretik Image Viewer

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