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The Heretik product encompasses so much more than analytics and machine learning. We are also laser-focused on the end-to-end workflow of contract review, from importing documents to setting up review batches, permissions, and coding layouts. A large piece of this puzzle is our commitment to delivering a best-in-class document review experience for the people on the front lines of reviewing contracts.

We've built the Heretik Viewer with one overarching
goal in mind – make reviewers' lives easier!

Our Heretik Viewer was purpose-built from the ground up for the use case of reviewing contracts. It provides a modern and lightning-fast review interface, tailor-made for quickly locating, extracting, and storing critical data points from contracts.

We’ve built our Heretik Viewer on top of the Relativity API, meaning that you can continue to administer review projects as you normally do in Relativity with fields, choices, layouts, and granular security permissions. The Heretik Viewer simply respects these permissions and layouts you’ve set up in Relativity so that you don’t need to duplicate work for Heretik to function within your existing workflows.

When you’ve imported a document into Relativity, but haven’t run Heretik Analysis, clicking on that document will display the Relativity viewer. 

The Heretik Viewer is automatically enabled on all documents that are run through any of the Heretik Analysis options. Simply click on any document you’ve run through Heretik Analysis and it will automatically display the Heretik Viewer.

The Heretik Viewer is comprised of the following functionality:

  • Search Documents
  • Edit Sections
  • Highlights Mini-Map
  • View in Relativity
  • Native PDF Image Viewer
  • Relativity Layouts
  • Link Extraction Results to Relativity Fields
  • Document Navigation List
  • Related Documents

Native PDF Image Viewer

We’ve improved the native PDF experience for document review through Heretik’s own OCR engine, allowing reviewers to navigate sections, data points, and send-to-field highlights on the PDF image.

Highlights Mini-Map

Whether you’re in the first pass review or the final QC stage, the Highlights Mini-Map provides a visual snapshot of important data points and reviewer actions across a document.  

Link Extraction Results to Relativity Fields

Using Heretik Extraction suggestions, reviewers can expand a Relativity field to show suggested values based on analysis results – and one-click send them to the field. In doing so, you can guide reviewers in the direction of highly relevant data, increasing both the speed and accuracy of review projects.

Relativity Layouts

Select a Relativity Layout, collapse and expand categories, object lists, and all fields. You can also easily filter for relevant fields on a layout and drag to re-size the entire right pane, as desired.

Document List Navigation

Unlike e-Discovery, contract review is not always linear. Reviewers require the flexibility to freely navigate to contracts across their batch. This can help spot patterns and similarities for faster review and augment coding decisions using similar contracts. Access your Relativity document directly from within the Heretik Viewer.

Related Documents

The Related Documents pane displays all of the amendments, addendums, or exhibits that have been linked to the original contract.

Search Documents

in Heretik through Key Word, Whole Word, Case Sensitive, and Regular Expressions

Edit Sections

The Edit Section workflow allows users to adjust sections identified by Heretik’s Segmentation Analysis or go one level deeper with sub-clauses.

View in Relativity

The Heretik Viewer affords reviewers the ability to open the currently viewed document in the Relativity Viewer.

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