Five post-pandemic business challenges
every corporation needs to address

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created several new business challenges, while simultaneously putting more urgency on existing ones. In this session, you’ll hear industry experts talk through strategies, workflows, and technologies they use to balance and address five post-pandemic business challenges every corporation needs to address. In addition, you’ll walk away from this session with access to five on-demand use case demo packages to get started tackling these problems today.

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About Heretik

Heretik is a lightweight contract review application that seamlessly integrates into your Relativity instance. Our solution enables teams to transform existing agreements into structured, actionable data to efficiently handle all types of corporate transaction and regulatory response use cases, enhancing best practices with minimal disruption. From inception, we’ve prioritized cutting-edge machine learning technology along with workflow capabilities to allow everyone within an organization to take immediate action on existing contract data. Whether managing massive corporate transactions, extracting critical data in global lease agreements, or comparing messy bespoke contracts, our solution reduces days or weeks of work to minutes. The results? More accurate bids, better win rates, larger capacity to manage contracts, and expanded footprints within key accounts.