Introducing Heretik Forge

The first tool set for running data science experiments in a Relativity Instance to build custom machine learning models.

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Build a wealth of
training data

Our existing Heretik Analysis (Classification, Segmentation, and Extraction) is a great foundation for getting to know what’s in your contracts. Heretik Forge will now allow you to take that to the next level, and start tailoring analysis models that best suit your business.

Your models,
your expertise

Heretik Forge allows you to build custom analysis models to go after new business while adding efficiency to existing review workflows. The best part? These models stay with you, giving your firm unique competitive advantages.

More than just contracts

We know your review projects are not limited to just contracts. That’s why we’ve built Heretik Forge with the ability to analyze and learn on almost any document with structured text. Things like SOWs, MSAs, or invoices no longer have to slow you down.

Forge abstracts much of the heavy lifting needed for ETL (extract, transform, load), data processing, or training data gathering. When enabled on a document review project, Forge will automatically gather all metadata and information it needs from user actions in the review workspace and sync this data to a Forge-configured training workspace, all within the same Relativity instance and in adherence to customers’ existing security policies and infrastructure.

We’ve selected a handful of clients for our ‘Forge Beta Program’ running through the summer. Heretik Forge will be publicly available in the fall of 2019.

We’ve designed Heretik Forge so that anyone with some Relativity experience and bit of training can use it. You don’t need a post-graduate degree in data science to build machine learning models with Forge!

We’ve prioritized building out comprehensive resources for Heretik, and Forge is no different. Our users have access to thorough documentation, our partner asset library and sales enablement material, focused demos, modular video tutorials, and onsite trainings. 

Heretik Forge can be used on any type of project. We’re particularly excited about the added value on bespoke or nuanced types of projects.

Our existing Heretik Analysis (Classification, Segmentation, and Extraction) is great for getting to know what information is in your contracts. Our clients are using Heretik Forge to build and tailor client, industry, or use case-specific models to then offer differentiated services and increase efficiency on existing workflows.

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