AI Challenges And Why Legal Is A Great Place To Kick-Start Great NLP

May 2019 – Natural language processing is among the fastest growing applications of artificial intelligence. It’s also one of the most difficult to build. Our CTO & Co-founder Andy Abbott caught up with CloudFactory's CEO Mark Sears to talk about why legal is the perfect place to kick-start great NLP.

22 e-Discovery Predictions for 2019

January 2019 – In setting resolutions, people are showing their desire to take the necessary steps for greater success—whether they’re learning a new language or becoming a Relativity Master. Similarly, e-discovery professionals are acting now to be successful with industry changes coming down the pipeline this year. So, we asked the experts: what will the e-discovery landscape look like in 2019?​

Notes From A Legal Binge (Part II)

December 2018 – Legal technology has gone from something that no one cared about to one of the industry's most important sectors -- and the conversation continues to mature.

Notes From A Legal Industry Binge (Part I)

November 2018 – Legal technology has gone from something that no one cared about to #AI, #legaltech, and #unicornlawyers -- and the conversation continues to mature.

Why eDiscovery Vendors Are Moving Beyond eDiscovery: Conversation With CDS Legal’s Kate Hutchinson

September 2018 – More and more eDiscovery vendors are looking at technology-enabled contract review.

Using Analytics To Detect Legal Risk

May 2018 – From analyzing contracts to tracking litigation metrics, advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, programming are transforming legal services and revolutionizing the practice of law.

Legal Tech In 2018: Could This Be The Year That Biglaw Strikes Back?

February 2018 – Is your firm working on something innovative? It better be if it wants to keep up with the competition.

5 Questions on Opening Your Transactional Portfolio

January 2018 – In a buyer's market for legal services, more law firms are adding industry groups and practice areas to differentiate themselves from competitors. As law firms look to distinguish their client offerings and create new revenue streams, where can they start and what should they be thinking about?

Many Businesses Are Expected to Move Forward With Machine Learning in 2018

December 2017 – There’s no shortage of technology providers offering machine-learning solutions to age-old business problems. Now, as organizations in various industries continue hiring for tech-focused roles, 2018 may be the year machine learning truly takes off.

When it Comes to M&A, Culture Eats Contracts for Breakfast

December 2017 – The firms that bring culture into the fold will create better business decisions, protect their client from liability, and increase transaction success rate.

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