Heretik Disrupts the Legal Industry with AI - Puzzle Solvers Series

January 2020 – In this episode of CloudFactory's Puzzle Solvers Series, Andy Abbott and Chris Tkach of Heretik discusses why they developed their software, the future of AI in legal, and how Heretik can help with today’s biggest legal hurdle -- LIBOR.

Interview: Rishi Khullar of Heretik on Heretik Forge and its use with RelativityOne

June 2019 – Head of Product Rishi Khullar caught up with Chris Dale at Relativity Fest London 2019 to talk all things Heretik Forge and RelativityOne.

Ricoh techtalks webinar: Taking Contract Analysis to the Next Level

June 2019 – Organizations are under pressure to reduce costs to complete significant due diligence and contract analysis work while navigating tight time constraints. Legal teams are commonly challenged by limited resources and a lack of technology to produce results and remain compliant. Ricoh eDiscovery is excited to be partnering with Heretik, a Relativity integrated, leading-edge technology, to elevate clients Relativity experience and enhance their contract analysis capabilities. ​

Heretik Takes Legal AI Leap Forward With ‘Forge’ Model Maker

May 2019 – Legal AI company, Heretik, which works through the Relativity platform, has launched Forge, its new capability to allow users to build their own contract analysis machine learning models, in what is a major leap forward. Heretik is unusual in that it has grown up hand in hand with e-discovery platform, Relativity, which allows it an immediate access to a wide range of users, some of which have now become regular clients of the AI review system, including Big Four firm, PwC.

Heretik unveils new solution for building custom machine learning models: Heretik Forge

May 2019 – Heretik is releasing the newest addition to its growing toolkit of contract review solutions: Heretik Forge. Forge is the first solution in a Relativity instance for running data science experiments to build custom machine learning models. Heretik customers will be able to use the existing foundation of Heretik Analysis (Classification, Segmentation, and Extraction) and tailor their own client, industry, and/or use case-specific analysis models unique to their business.


March 2019 – Natural language processing (NLP) is among the fastest growing applications of AI technology. It is also one of the most difficult AI systems to develop, due to the complexities and subtleties of language. For a decade, CloudFactory has worked with companies that are creating products and innovating customer experiences.

Project Johnny 5: A Case Study on Evaluating AI Abstraction Tools

February 2019 – Quislex took a deep dive on ten leading Artificial Intelligence tools built specifically to abstract text from contracts. this case study is intended to assist readers in asking better questions when commencing their own purchase journey so they are able to find the right tool for their use case.

Interview: Charlie Connor of Heretik on contract review and uncovering value in data beyond ediscovery

November 2018 – One of the most successful recent uses of technology is contract review software. At Relativity Fest, Chris Dale spoke to Charlie Connor of Heretik. Heretik makes contract review software based on Relativity, a good example of eDiscovery skills and tools finding new roles beyond conventional eDiscovery.

Meet Heretik – M&A Due Diligence Review on the Relativity Platform

May 2018 – A new legal AI-driven contract review company, Heretik, which operates primarily through the well-known Relativity eDiscovery platform, could well be the shape of things to come.


May 2018 – For every deal, there’s a document. Actually, potentially hundreds of thousands or even millions of them. But thriving Chicago startup Heretik is leveraging AI to help the legal world search, sort through and analyze contracts, dramatically cutting the time and money spent in contract review.

eDiscovery Meets Contract Review: Live Conversation With Heretik CEO Charlie Connor

May 2018 – "Our vision is more than efficiencies, it’s about building a solution that would connect expert problem-solvers with the most important, thrilling, and profitable parts of their work."

Doing more with the data you find

January 2018 – Heretik CEO & Co-founder Charlie Connor sits down with Ari Kaplin to discuss the genesis of Heretik, how it works, ways that the technology helps clients grow their practices, and the impact of the company’s culture and leadership philosophy on product development and client service.


December 2017 – Charlie Connor and Andy Abbott are two of the Co-founders of Heretik. Heretik is a Chicago-based software company that uses machine learning to make the contract review process smarter, helping attorneys identify risks, obligations, and opportunities in contracts.

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