Heretik is a Relativity application that marries effective text analysis machine learning models and flexible document review capabilities.

Our solution structures contract data for smarter, faster, and more favorable decisions.


Since 2009, regulators have imposed $342B in fines on banks for misconduct, and that is likely to surpass $400B by 2020.


Companies could earn 9.2% more revenue each year if they were more diligent in managing their contracts.


On average, 35% of an organization's contracts fail to reach expected value by 10% or more.

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Questions? Here are some of our FAQs.

Our solution is priced as a consumption model based on the number of unique contracts analyzed in the application. We also offer pay-as-you-go and volume discounts based on amounts of contracts committed. 

Nope! While Heretik is built on top Relativity, we’ve built our own contract-focused user interfaces to allow anyone to understand what they are seeing and how to navigate the product.

None. Heretik comes with pre-configured models for analysis and pre-configured workflow templates focused on contract review.

Heretik is compatible with both Relativity One and Relativity 9.5 & above.

No – Heretik works as a deployable application in your Relativity Instance without the need of its own analytics server.

Yes– Heretik is designed to be a solution that helps your team understand the data in the set of contracts and the critical data you are looking for. Heretik thrives in situations of the unknown due our strong bias on workflow and ease of use.

turn insight into action.

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