November Release

Rishi Khullar | November 14, 2018

Single & Multiple
Object Support

Heretik now supports coding single and multiple object field types on your Relativity layouts in the Heretik Viewer.

Highlight Colors for Critical Data Points

You are now able to assign specific highlight colors to key data points in the Heretik Viewer. You can do this via two different, but completely integrated options:

Relativity Persistent Highlights: Heretik now displays assigned colors from your Relativity persistent highlight sets in the Heretik Viewer.

Heretik Regular Expressions: You can now assign colors to regular expressions you create or that we ship with Heretik.

Layouts Load Five Times Faster

We are always focused on improving how quickly we present you with actionable data. As we see more projects with hundreds of different fields to store contract data, layout loading performance has never been more important. This release, your Relativity layouts in the Heretik viewer will display an average of five times faster!

FIPS Compliance

Heretik is now fully FIPS compliant (Federal Information Processing Standard), meaning all Heretik functionality will work as expected if you’ve enabled FIPS in your Relativity environment.

Coding & Clearing Fields

In addition to supporting new field types, we’ve taken the opportunity to improve the user experience for coding and clearing values across all field types in the Heretik Viewer with no impact to setup. Conduct review projects just as before, but with more options and a better experience in the Heretik Viewer.

Viewing & Downloading Native Contracts

Several enhancements to the ‘View Native’ functionality, including a more dynamic button that displays ‘View PDF’ if the document is a PDF, or ‘Download Native’ if not.



Rishi is the Director of Product at Heretik. Prior to Heretik, he worked as a product manager at Relativity. Rishi began his career as a lawyer and worked as a judicial clerk for the Virgin Islands.

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