January Release

Rishi Khullar | January 29, 2019

Regular Expression Analysis

Before diving into your contracts, organize and prioritize review projects with an analysis of key terms and phrases across your entire data set.

Way beyond the basics:

  • Automatically populate results to Relativity fields.
  • Count of result per contract.
  • Verbatim value for every result found, grouped by contract.
  • Location of every key term or phrase in the contract as a clickable highlight, unlocking a powerful way to navigate contracts.

Regular Expression Reporting

After running Regular Expression Analysis, turn data into actionable insights with configurable reports and dashboards that you can easily export to teams or clients.

Reviewer Coding Guidance

Further extract value from these regular expressions by linking them to fields so that reviewers can see a list of coding suggestions they can click to populate fields.

Minimize risk and complexity in reviewer decisions by pointing them to areas in contracts likely to provide answers they need.

Dual Screen
Coding Power

Toggle on a more detailed list view of your contracts and pop it out to a new browser tab. Give your reviewers the command center they deserve to navigate their contract queue.

Redesigned Navigation Pane

We’ve completely revamped the experience for navigating contracts and key data points within them.



Rishi is the Director of Product at Heretik. Prior to Heretik, he worked as a product manager at Relativity. Rishi began his career as a lawyer and worked as a judicial clerk for the Virgin Islands.

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