Ogawa Release

Did you know we name all of our software releases after famous heretics in history? We named this release after Japanese scientist Seiji Ogawa. He is widely regarded as the father of modern functional brain imaging and is best known for his discoveries and technique developments in Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI). FMRI has since become an essential technology and contributed to other major medical and scientific advancements in biology, neurobiology, psychology, neurology, and others. 

Rishi Khullar // May 11, 2021

Segmentation 2.0

Releasing a major upgrade to Segmentation was the primary focus of our Ogawa Release. With this release, our Segmentation model is 80% more accurate than before on the most common contract structure types. Overall, the amount of manual work you’ll need to do to correct Heretik’s out-of-the-box segmentation should decrease significantly. While Heretik Segmentation will not always be perfect, we’ve now published a help center article on when you can expect it to do well and why it may trip up.

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Faster and More Intuitive OCR and Analysis

Heretik now requires that you run Relativity Imaging as the first step, a Heretik OCR Set as the second step (now a new tab in Heretik), and a Hereitk Analysis Set as the final step. This more closely aligns with other analysis workflows in Relativity, affords you all of the error reporting that Relativity Imaging exposes, results in faster OCR and Analysis in Heretik, and most importantly, it makes the process of increasing OCR and Analysis speed more intuitive and less costly.

Adding more Heretik Agents scales OCR and Analysis speed linearly and we provide benchmarks in our Help Center for what to expect from 1 agent. You can now calculate how long the process will take with your current infrastructure and how many agents you’ll need to add in order to meet project deadlines.

On the cost side, each Heretik Agent now only requires 1 core and 1GB of RAM, down from 1 core and 16GBs of RAM per agent in the past.

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Smoother Navigation in the Image Viewer

Contracts in our Image Viewer now display much crisper and the navigation of sections and data points along with zooming in and out are all smoother experiences. You’ll be taken where you need to go faster and the highlights display in the correct position near-instantly. We also now pre-load document pages, so as you scroll, pages will display instantly without any need for loading screens.

Layouts 2.0

In Relativity, you can make your layouts span two columns and we now respect this setting in the Heretik Viewer. We also respect the setting in Relativity to group a layout’s categories into tabs. Your tabs will show up as expected on your layouts in the Heretik Viewer. The final Relativity Layout setting we now support is Contextual Help. Any contextual help you add to a category in Relativity’s Layout builder will now show up in the Heretik Viewer.

Lastly, we’ve made a slew of visual enhancements to make layouts more dense with information. This minimizes the amount of scrolling reviewers need to do without sacrificing readability.

Pop Out Search to a New Window

We provide several powerful options in our search bar when you’re crafting a regular expression to find the data you need. For example, you can save the search as a data point for the left pane, filter it by sections, add colors, preview how it will do on other documents, and more.

Those options, however, take up screen real estate and push the document down the page. For this reason, we now give you the option to pop out the search bar to a separate window. Here, you can iterate on your regex in a dedicated area with more space and without blocking any of the document. Clicking on results will navigate the document for a dual screen experience that’s more efficient. 

Other enhancements

  • We now provide more options to edit sections from the main review interface. You can now select text and remove from a section. You select the section heading text and “Send to Heading” to update the section heading. You also have more right-click options on sections in the left pane to merge sections or update Section Heading and Type. Adjusting the boundaries and details of sections has never been easier.
  • When scrolling the scores page in Heretik Compare, the column headers are sticky so you can always read them as you scroll the list. We’ve also resolved an issue where ignoring white space in noise removal settings was not ignoring fully blank rows of whitespace.
  • Data points and which sections they are in is information that is now easier to scan visually. You can also now drag to re-order data points however you want.

Want to see some of these features in action or ready to get started with Heretik? Click below to get in touch with our team. 


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Rishi is the Director of Product at Heretik. Prior to Heretik, he worked as a product manager at Relativity. Rishi began his career as a lawyer and worked as a judicial clerk for the Virgin Islands.