You are supposed to
be the strategist.

Your company has finally spent the time and money to build out a true legal operations team to support your growing customers, services, and global team. Your legal department finally has the multi-disciplinary functions within its department that allows for truly optimized services delivery to all aspects of your business.

Unfortunately, your team is now being seen as a resource for other departments – like sales, finance, and HR, to go through piles of neglected agreements to ensure they are current and defensible. Your team should be working on ways to be compliant, on how you manage your clients data, and the new partnership you started in China to expand your Asia-Pacific presence. Instead, your team is manually checking service agreements for renewal dates, ensuring non-competes are accurate for your employees, and your vendors are hitting all of the SLAs they committed to you.

How can you get ahead of everything if you are spending some much
time unwinding what has already happened?

With Heretik,  your team can empower other departments to have critical data that they need to know and act on. Heretik helps your enterprise have actionable, structured contract data that helps align your business expectations and opportunities to build upon your current success. Most importantly, your team is freed up from the endless searching, sorting, and gathering of this data and putting it in the hands of those that need it. Now your team is able to focus on being the strategists and getting ahead of what’s to come as your company continues to grow and scale.

Did you know lawyers spend 90% of their day in Microsoft Outlook and Word.
Heretik helps remove tedious contract review with these features:

Let Heretik structure your data by classifying all contracts and sections by type.

Filter, batch, or compare sections across the entire corpus of contracts.

Meet the unique needs of your project by configuring fields in a myriad of ways to store your contract data.

With transparency into analysis results & confidence scores, detect which contracts are ready for review vs. quality control.

Easily group amendments to original contracts & review them in one unified experience.

Visualize all differences among versions of the same contract or among a given section across all contracts.

Review contracts in our modern interface to navigate sections, search keywords, & one-click send text to field.

Understand what’s in your data with dashboards & widgets to display tables & various chart types.

Handle projects of any size, complexity, or number of concurrent users with best-in-class security.

Share results with your team in Word or Excel & never be afraid of “can you just add this one piece of info?”

Connect Heretik to popular data repositories like OneDrive or Intralinks to feed it contracts for analysis.

Start and stop contract review projects in one solution with a single audit trail. No more risky, inefficient data transfers or duplicate data.