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Common practice and wisdom appropriately prioritizes a 24/7/365 focus on relationships. They’re the tie that binds project-to-project, and ultimately deeper trust between your company and your customers. Nonetheless, your customers are obligated to find the fastest and most economical solutions to their issues – sometimes resulting in lost bids and surprises for even the most longstanding relationships.

Each passing year brings more qualified players into the mix – all effectively bidding for the same projects from the same customer base.  At the same time, factors like rising risk and regulation, adoption of in-house technologies, financial pressures, and changing client demands also contribute to difficulty in creation and maintenance of client relationships. 

Trust is gained in inches and lost in miles.

Today’s competitive landscape requires flawless delivery to expect repeat business and real differentiation to get a shot at new accounts. And what happens when numerous or a few large projects comes to your team? Typically it is all on hands on deck to make sure that your firm delivers, and puts you in the best position to receive the next round of business. These busy periods of time are hardly well suited to test out new technology or unproven workflows and integrations. 

Heretik addresses these challenges for Solution Providers by giving you the edge in differentiating your core offerings, while at the same time allowing you to proactively identify and solve problems that your customers have never thought possible.

Whether your priority is to accomplish better results faster in your core offerings, or to find new ways to deepen your client relationships – Heretik can help you stay at the cutting edge of what is possible. By seamlessly integrating with Relativity – we enhance your current best practices with minimal disruption or integrations required.

“Lawyers often say that accountants will never compete for the truly valuable “bet the company” work. This is probably true — but it also misses the point. Accounting firms don’t want “bet the company” work. They want “run the company” work. And they’re getting it, in mid-level corporate/commercial, labour and employment, regulatory compliance, immigration and, of course, tax law. And there is far more of this type of work.”

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