Intelligent Contract Review

Heretik’s solution eliminates the challenges of manual contract review while streamlining communication across teams. Built on Relativity, Heretik simplifies the import process, automates contract categorization, and identifies key contract sections to save your team valuable time and resources.

Heretik’s configurable data visualization and reporting tools allow users to easily locate, review, compare, and share relevant information for smarter, faster, and more efficient contract review across teams. The solution removes tedious and time-consuming tasks, allowing organizations to reallocate valuable human-power to more strategic assignments.

Contract Import

Through a simple three-step process, quickly set-up a one time or reoccurring import of the key contracts that need to be reviewed.

The contract import workflow is never a linear process or a single task, and key contracts are never in the same folder or document repository. Heretik has created pre-configured integrations into commonly used enterprise document repositories and virtual data rooms to pull key contracts from many different locations. This process will compliment any of your current import and processing workflows.

Contract Analysis

Experience faster, more efficient contract identification, section extraction, and key term identification.

Heretik is a pre-trained model and architected to be a tool kit, helping our clients achieve their review objectives more accurately and efficiently than ever before.

Contract Review

Heretik delivers optimized and configurable contract review integrated directly into your current workflows, allowing you to accomplish more.

Revolutionary Contract Viewer

Work with contracts in a lightning fast, configurable interface targeted specifically for large contract review tasks.  

Contract & Section Compare

Quickly narrow in on the differences between sections across contracts.  

Contract Tagging

Leveraging the flexibility of Relativity, customize layouts and apply critical insights to contracts that are maintained on export.  

Project Workspaces

Get up and running quickly using pre-configured workspaces with optimized views, layouts, and dashboards for a wide array of workflows including lease abstraction and M&A.

Contract Reporting

Configurable data visualization & reporting tools allow for easy locating, reviewing, comparing, and acting on relevant information.

Beyond the reporting functionality you love out of Relativity, Heretik has created Relativity optimized views, layouts, fields, and dashboards that allow for one click access to key contract data. Heretik Contract Reporting provides a single-page PDF with instant key results of the contract review.

Included reports
- Mass Action Results Snapshot
- Analysis Results
- Analysis Review Snapshot
- Section level Analysis

Platform Integrations