Heretik Style Guide

Our brand and how we use it.

This guide is a brief overview of Heretik’s general branding and design aesthetic. Our logo, colors, logo, and typefaces should remain consistent across all platforms to maintain the standard look and feel of Heretik. If you have any questions, concerns, or additional design requests, please email



With extensive backgrounds in legal and enterprise software, Heretik co-founders Charlie Connor, Andy Abbott, and David Barnes realized how transformational an intelligent contract review solution could be. They began researching current market solutions, interviewing firms, and eventually brought their idea to (their go-to-market platform) Relativity’s CEO & Co-founder, Andrew Sieja, and the rest is history! 

A heretic, by definition, is someone who refuses to conform to established standards of conduct. They challenge society with their alternative beliefs and are often the outcast. As career-entrepreneurs, this word really resonated with the guys. After much debate, they decided to replace the ‘c’ with a ‘k’ and the name Heretik was born in October 2016.

As a company, we define ourselves as those who refuse to conform to established standards of conduct by seeking knowledge. We believe any challenge can be solved through the right mix of people and technology and are passionate about connecting expert problem-solvers with the most important, thrilling, and profitable parts of their work. So much so, that we incorporated an easter egg in our logo – the flame is also the letter ‘K’!


‘Full Heretik Logo Dark’ is our primary logo and should be used whenever possible.

When using the Heretik logo in digital mediums, please use the gradient dark or light logos accordingly. For print or any other tangible medium, please use the flat value. The B&W should only be used for special design circumstances that call for it.

The Heretik Flame Logo should only be used after the full logo has been established. It can be used with text or can stand alone, depending on the situation. Use your best judgment when deciding this.






Heretik Flame Logo







Our primary colors are Fire Red (#f15f47), Tangerine (#eb814a)Night Sky (#2e3137), and Cloud White (#ffffff).

Our secondary colors are Mint Green (#5cc09a), Electric Blue (#5ebfec), and Sea Fog (#656784).

All other colors in our palette can be used to accent designs or styles.



When appropriate, gradients can be used to accent a design. When using a gradient, it should be linear, angled to whatever best suits the photo or design. Photos should begin as black and white before gradient is applied unless the original color with gradient looks on brand when gradient is added.

Fire Red – Tangerine

Mint Green – Electric Blue

Virtual Purple – Sea Fog

Light Grey – Cloud White

Night Sky – Outer Space



For print or digital designs, Heretik uses Avenir Next as our brand font and Mission Gothic as our logo font. Headers should be any of our primary colors (Fire Red, Tangerine, or Night Sky, or Cloud White) or secondary colors (Mint Green, Electric Blue, or Sea Fog), and sub-headers and body copy should always be Night Sky, Outer Space, or Cloud White depending on the design circumstances.


For web designs, Heretik uses Roboto in various weights as our brand font. We try our best to incorporate brand colors through other elements on the page, so all of the copy should be Outer Space or Cloud White depending on design circumstances.

Boiler Plate

About us

Heretik is a lightweight contract review application that seamlessly integrates into existing contract management tools. Our solution enables teams to transform existing agreements into structured, actionable data to efficiently handle all types of corporate transaction and regulatory response use cases, enhancing best practices with minimal disruption.

From inception, we’ve prioritized cutting-edge machine learning technology along with workflow capabilities to allow everyone within an organization to take immediate action on existing contract data. Whether managing massive corporate transactions, extracting critical data in global lease agreements, or comparing messy bespoke contracts, our solution reduces days or weeks of work to minutes. The results? More accurate bids, better win rates, larger capacity to manage contracts, and expanded footprints within key accounts.

To learn more or schedule a demo, visit

Mission, Vision, & Values

MISSION – To structure contract data across entire organizations for smarter, faster, and more favorable decisions.

VISION – To empower professionals to thrive at their trade.


Heretiks always choose dare. While we are motivated by our impact as individuals, we also know there is no challenge our team can’t overcome together.


We’ve built our company, product, and team on trust. We give our best effort every time because at the end of the day, we’re here for each other to learn and grow.​


Our success speaks for itself and whenever possible, we give back to our community. We pride ourselves on being the example.​


We aren’t afraid to play with fire. As pioneers of ingenuity, we are committed to revolutionizing the way people and machines work together.​


The harder we work, the luckier we get. We strive to learn something from every conversation & will never stop asking why.​

Social Media

Official Handles

Heretik is currently active on the following social medias: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Our handles are as follows:


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